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Candle For Peace

If only peace was like glitter, because then it would be everywhere! Yesterday children and schools around the world took part in the Candle of Peace song, where we celebrated and defined a truly International Day of Peace. As the world dawned on Wednesday the 21st, children in New Zealand started the chain of singing, and ended with children on the opposite side of the world on the West Coast of North America. We represented Cyprus and began our song in Nicosia and Larnaca at 10am, where we lit our peace candles, sang together, and celebrated the diverse classroom and world that we share. Thank you to all parents that joined us and for sharing this beautiful moment with our school community.

Little Gems Larnaca

Little Gems Nicosia


Emma is the Manager & Lead Teacher of the Peridot classroom at Little Gems Montessori Nursery in Larnaca. With Carola they coordinate and host the Apparatus Workshop from Montessori Centre International (MCI, London) where they train future Montessori pedagogues. If you are interested in learning more about the Montessori method, visit

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