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We look for the passionate practitioners of the world. The adults who really care and have worked hard to become great custodians of their environments. The ones who reflect and look to do better, regardless of what they have already achieved. We want the guides on the side, who simply need a platform to do something amazing. Unfortunately the education system has international frameworks filled with repetitive testing, restricted processes and standard moulds that adults and children are required to fill. This is something we want to change, and that starts with the leaders of our environments. We want to give our employees a platform to do what they love.

Engaged practitioner
Dynamic learnin

We have set high standards at Little Gems Montessori. We want to show how education can be and the possibilities within the early years education. We want to equip children with a thirst for learning. We want to bring the world to our classrooms and investigate everything we find in it. We want deep and meaningful knowledge without the pressure of fitting a mould. We want to follow each child as an individual and promote their strengths and interests in order to guide them to their fullest potential. At Little Gems Montessori we have a hunger for growth, to continue learning as educators. 

We strive for the sweet spot between work and play. We hire people that can relax and have fun while also being serious and focused. We believe that learning never stops. Much like how we approach the children, we continue to learn as well. We want to inspire each other constructively and move forward together. We are a team of dedicated practitioners and wholesome human beings. 

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