Little Gems Leadership Team

Carola Lång-Howard

The owner and Principal, Carola Lång-Howard – MA., BA hons., Mont. Dipl. is a qualified Montessorian with plenty years of experience in the field of Early Childhood. Her interest in Montessori began 24 years ago when she became a mother.  She had the opportunity to study the Montessori philosophy and method while living in Kuwait.  There she began her career by initially working as an assistant teacher while studying, and as a Directress when qualified. 

In 1997 Carola and her family moved to Bahrain.  There she decided to start up her own Montessori Nursery.  As Montessori was very much a new concept to Bahrain she dealt a great deal with media to spread the word 'Montessori'.  As a result the Montessori philosophy is now well known in Bahrain.

In 1999 Carola and her family relocated to London.  Here Carola furthered her career by studying to become a Montessori teacher trainer and later began to lecture at Montessori Centre International in London.  She is also a Montessori examiner as well as a teaching practice tutor for MCI as Little Gems Larnaca is licensed as an MCI Centre through Crossfields. Carola is a dedicated and true believer of the great importance of the early years where foundations are laid for life.  These years cannot be ignored – attention and quality in the approach to our little ones has to be recognized, followed and nurtured.  First things first!

Elena Savva

Elena has been part of Little Gems Montessori Nursery for the past seven years. After working in traditional schools, she started at Little Gems as an Assistant Teacher. As a result she decided that the Montessori Method and Philosophy was something she wanted to learn more about. She embarked on her Montessori journey in 2010, and two and a half years later received her Teaching Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy from Montessori Centre International. Additionally, she holds a University Diploma for Children 0-3 Years Old, a Bachelors in Early Childhood Development, and the Prodimodiki training from University of Nicosia, which qualifies her to work with pre-primary aged children in Cyprus, which is the equivalence of Reception year aged children in the UK. From this diploma she has developed and adapted the Montessori Literacy materials into Greek, thus supporting our children that move on to Greek schools. Elena also acts as our SENCO Organiser across both schools, making sure that all the children's individual needs are being met.

She is an enthusiastic, observant and sharing person who enjoys being surrounded and getting involved with both big and little people! In her free time she enjoys doing activities with her family, listening to music, and traveling with her nearest and dearest. 

Emma Samia Howard

Emma is the Manager & Lead Teacher of Little Gems Larnaca, which has been open since 2013. Emma started working in Montessori settings in 2009, where she spent two years working as an Assistant Teacher and MCI student. Once she received her International Teaching Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, she spent a year in Vancouver where she worked on a more one-to-one basis, where she adapted Montessori to her setting in English and Swedish. In 2012 she took a Lead Teacher Position in Little Gems Nicosia, and in 2013 accepted the move to Larnaca and continue to work closely with Carola in the growth of our lovely Larnaca program. 

Together with Carola she organises the delivery of the Montessori Centre International Apparatus Workshop that happens every year, where students from around the world come and receive their practical diplomas. As a centre for MCI, she also tutors and mentors future Early Years Educators as they embark on their Professional Placement at Little Gems Montessori. 

Before Montessori she studied Media Production at the University of Lincoln, and acts as our Media Organiser across both campuses. Outside of school you will find her on her bike, on her yoga mat, or on her surf board, in between looking for new delicious things to try! With both Swedish and British heritage and having lived in at least two continents thus far, she feels she is an adaptable, curious and welcoming member of the global society.