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Leadership Team

Carola Lang-Howard

The owner and Principal, Carola Lång-Howard – MA., BA hons., Mont. Dipl. is a qualified Montessorian with plenty of years of experience in the field of Early Childhood. Her interest in Montessori began many years ago when she became a mother.  She had the opportunity to study the Montessori philosophy and method while living in Kuwait.  There she began her career by initially working as an Assistant Teacher while studying, and as a Lead Montessori Pedagogue when qualified. 

In 1997 Carola and her family moved to Bahrain.  There she decided to start up her own Montessori Nursery.  As Montessori was very much a new concept to Bahrain she dealt a great deal with media to spread the word 'Montessori'.  As a result, the Montessori philosophy is now well known in Bahrain.

In 1999 Carola and her family relocated to London.  Here Carola furthered her career to become a Montessori teacher trainer, teaching practice tutor, mentor and examiner and later began to lecture at Montessori Centre International (MCI) in London. In 2007 she yet again relocated, this time to Cyprus. In Cyprus, Carola is the owner of 2 nursery schools whereof the Larnaca setting also functions as a training centre licensed by MCI through Crossfields, UK.


Carola is a dedicated and true believer of the great importance of the early years where foundations are laid for life.  These years cannot be ignored -- attention and quality in the approach to our little ones have to be recognized, followed and nurtured.  First things first!

Natasha Vondiziano

Natasha is the Deputy Manager & Lead Teacher in Nicosia and has been part of Little Gems Montessori Nursery since 2014. Her interest in the Montessori philosophy began when her daughter started at her Montessori school. This inspired Natasha to want to learn more about the Montessori approach and later embarked on her Montessori career. Since then she has received an International Montessori Diploma, 0-6 years old, with Montessori Centre International (MCI), UK. 


Natasha’s passion and beliefs in the Montessori approach and early years education have guided her onto the path of teaching adults, where she became a Montessori Teacher Trainer. Together with Carola she helps organise the delivery of the MCI Apparatus Workshop annually where students from around the world come and receive their practical diplomas. As a centre for MCI, she also tutors and mentors future Early Years Educators as they embark on their Professional Placement at Little Gems Montessori. 


In her free time, you find Natasha amongst friends and family. She is passionate in the kitchen where she tries to explore a variety of cuisines with her family -- especially the challenge of finding healthier alternatives to processed food and health care products! She is curious about the world around her and constantly wants to learn more. Natasha is an avid team player where she enjoys working and cooperating with other people. She loves animals, big and small, and is constantly trying to raise awareness for their well-being and respect.

Eva Levcikova

Eva is the Manager & Lead Teacher of Little Gems Larnaca, which has been open since 2013. Eva started working at Little Gems Montessori in 2014, where she has transitioned from an Assistant Teacher, to Lead Teacher, to Deputy Manager, to Manager.  She successfully obtained her Montessori Diploma 0 – 7 years old with Montessori Centre International (UK), and the Early Years Educator Diploma with Cache (UK), while working as an Assistant Teacher.

Before Montessori, Eva has gained two BA degrees -- one in Corporate Management and the other in Business Administration. However, as education is something that Eva is very passionate about she decided to return to her love of learning, as it reminded her of her valuable experience in the UK as an au pair.  This experience gave Eva so much joy and taught her how to look at the world through children’s eyes. It is then with no surprise that her Montessori journey followed.

Each day is like the first for Eva -- full of joy, enthusiasm and wonder. She truly loves her work and feels as though she is reaching a higher purpose through her work. Eva thrives when working in the prepared environment and witnessing each child's achievements and witnessing their confidence grow each day.

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