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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

ECO News, Little Gems Montessori, Nicosia.

This school year, our little gems have worked hard on projects informing them of "Life on Land", that is, Goal #15, in United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Little Gems Montessori includes global responsibility in our educational approach, informing children of the world's interdependence required to sustain quality of life for all.

"An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live" Dr. Maria Montessori / Education and Peace

Eco Code

Instigating care and respect for

The most precious thing, Planet Earth

So we can have

The future life we all deserve

And most important do not forget to

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Take care of the forests

So that animals can thrive

Help our oceans and coral reefs from becoming extinct

Earth is our home, now and tomorrow

Remember to care and always be there

Everyone in the right, LITTLE GEMS unite

This Eco code was created by the children and teachers of Little Gems Montessori's Eco Committee in Nicosia - 2020/21

Please follow this link to meet some of our little gems:


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