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Visit from an Expert -- A Sustainable Christmas

Goal #12 -- Responsible Consumption and Production – Reducing Waste.

As a global population, several of us are over-consuming more than is actually needed to cover our basic needs. Every year around the world there are several cultural festive holidays or events that encourage the act of gift-giving. It is no secret that consumerism and waste often go hand-in-hand. With Christmas rapidly approaching, we felt it would be a good idea to marry goal #12 with this holiday, and shine a light on what we ‘really need’ for Christmas.

To meet this goal we started with a visit from 'In Balance' -- a parent initiative spreading awareness through sharing information and selling/making eco-friendly products specialising in daily home hygiene. We started looking at the effects of what overusing and overproducing can cause to our planet. From our discussion it was made clear by the children that a sustainable Christmas seemed just as fun as a "normal" one!

Some of our ideas were to make our own wrapping paper, reuse/upcycle our toys as well as briefly talking about how we can reuse, reduce and recycle all our Christmas waste in general.

REUSE the past, RECYCLE the present, SAVE the future!

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