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Our EcoNews Board

An important step of the EcoSchool program is to inform and involve. Our EcoBoard has been set up at our school and is a good place for returning and new families to check our news and notices of what’s happened or going on at the moment. Here you will be able to find all information regarding the EcoSchool program, our Eco Committee, action plan and goals, find information of what we have worked towards so far and what we are still working on. Here you can also find documentation and photos of each goal achieved. This is a place to look back on and feel proud of what we have achieved so far!

All the news and information on the EcoBoard is created by the children at the school as the active involvement helps them refine and develop their awareness for sustainable ways of life.

Our School EcoBoard and our EcoBlog are updated regularly so keep an eye out for any new information/material added to follow our progress on this journey!

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