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Biodiversity Project: Larnaca Salt Lake

As we continue our biodiversity project, Goal 13 – Climate Action and Goal 15 - Life on land, we move our forest school day to the Larnaca Salt Lake where we aim to explore the varieties of flora and fauna that can be found there, specifically birds. After looking more into birds and how they are affected by climate change, we meet a member of Bird Life Cyprus at our forest school at the Salt lake. We take a look at the flamingos and learn all about their characteristics and tendencies. We take closer look at them by using binoculars and a telescope. Unlike other birds, the flamingos don’t have migratory patterns but rather roam the sky until they find a favourable spot to land – that’s usually why they all seem to be here in a matter of days after the lake is filled with water. Even though Flamingos are very common site, this comes at a cost. We need to remember that the salt lake lies near both the Larnaca International Airport as well as the military base. That means that flamingos are in danger not only by the possibility of colliding with aircrafts but also consuming lead debris found in the water. There is currently research being carried out to find ways to fix these problems in order to help save the flamingos. Thank you Bird Life for joining us!

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